About Inclusion

Inclusion means these three things:

Access – Physical barriers are removed.  The setting has a wide range of activities, and there are multiple ways to be part of the environment and its activities. Every child and family feels welcome.

Participation – All children participate in the setting’s routines and activities.   All children feel they belong.

Support – Many things support inclusion.  Program policies can encourage diversity.  Staff training can increase ability to serve wide range of children (Training and Consultation). Effective communication between parents and providers and a focus on overall quality can be “built in” supports.  There may also be supports for individual children and youth.  Examples include consultation with specialists who know the child, working with an inclusion specialist,  specific communication strategies between parents and providers, and financial supports for necessary accommodations (Financial assistance).

Want to know more about inclusion?  This site provides  information on these topics:

Here are other sites with excellent information about inclusion:

Would you like to be involved in Oregon activities for inclusive child care?   The Oregon Inclusive Child Care Committee works to promote and increase inclusive opportunities throughout the state.   For more information, contact the Inclusive Child Care Program at 971-673-2286 (Portland Metro area), toll-free at 1-866-837-0250, or contact.iccp@state.or.us

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