Examples of Successful Inclusive Child Care

Story 1:

“We tried many different ways to assimilate [our son] into a child care program with no success, until ICCP came along.  This program changed his life forever and gave him a chance to experience life as a normal child…[Our son] is in Kindergarten now and doing so well.  I believe without the ICCP program he would not be so assimilated to being around children and would be struggling with the social issues of Kindergarten rather than gaining the life skills that they are teaching.”

Story 2:

“When I arrived on Friday afternoon, the children were in an adjacent room, which is connected to the mail room by a regular door.  I noticed the children were playing a game, so I stood where the teacher could see me, but not my child.  They were playing a version of the “heads down, thumbs up” game.  My child had an assistant standing behind him, helping him to answer when he was called on, and helping to prompt him when it was time to do something, but he was playing and interacting with other children.  It is this interaction with other children that I have been so focused on.  I know that he is going to make progress in social skills and communication, progress which has not been available to him while he attended classes and after school programs intended only for non-neurotypical children.

Story 3:

“For a time, our daughter was able to attend an after school program with her typical peers.  It was hugely important to establish inclusion-based activities, not just for class time, but for social time.  The early years are formative for all children, and now our daughter is in high school and still has friends who got to know her during the after school program in elementary school.”

Please share your stories of successful inclusion with us by sending an email to:   contact.iccp@state.or.us

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