Who We Are & Contact Us

Inclusive Child Care Program Mission Statement:

  •  Preserve access to child care settings for children with varied abilities
  •  Steward inclusive practices in child care settings
  • Support child care providers in their work with children with specialized needs and their families, and
  • Serve as a statewide resource for recommended practices, materials and information

Inclusive Child Care Program Core Values:

  • Family and child care provider knowledge, expertise, and diversity
  • The whole child before any characteristic or condition
  • The benefits of inclusion to all children with needed supports in natural community settings
  • Individualized services that are responsive to the unique abilities, resources and needs of children, youth, families and child care providers
  • Services that are provided in a knowledgeable and professional manner
  • Communication with families, child care providers and others that is positive, respectful, and sensitive to individual situations
  • Information and services that are easy to find and understand
  • Responsiveness to the unique concerns, culture and values of Oregon’s diverse cultural communities and geographic areas
  • Quality, developmentally appropriate child care and education practices
  • Accountability for program funds and decision-making
  • Partnerships, collaboration and coordination with state and community service systems

Contact information:          

Inclusive Child Care Program
600 N.W. 14th Ave., Suite 100
Portland, Oregon 97209
971-673-2286 (Portland area) or
Toll-free: 1-866-837-0250
Fax:  (971) 673 – 2971 or (971) 673 – 2999

Staff contact list

Melinda Benson, Program Coordinator
(971) 673-2996

Sieu Inac, Inclusive Child Care Specialist
(971) 673-2294

Trish Roussel, Inclusive Child Care Specialist
(971) 673-2977

Susie Goodell, Inclusion Support Specialist
(971) 673-2286

The Inclusive Child Care Program is a program of the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities

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