Help with Supports and Accommodations in Child Care

The Inclusive Child Care Program helps eligible families with higher costs of care when children need exceptionally close supervision, special accommodations or other supports for safe and appropriate care.   Here are a few key points about these services:

  • Eligible children and youth may experience disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorders or special health care needs.  They include children and youth from birth up to the 18th birthday.
  • Inclusive Child Care Program (ICCP) specialists work with parents and providers to complete a “high need child care assessment.”  The assessment helps us know what a provider must do that is different than the care and supervision needed by most children the same age.   The support is then individualized to the types of care or accommodations each child needs.
  • The amount of assistance is different for each child.  The way funds are used to support a child’s care can also be very different.

Is my family eligible?

Two Oregon programs help families with costs for higher levels of care.   We help connect families with both types.  This page will tell you about each one, including eligibility information.

“Financial Supplement” through the Department of Education Office of Child Care Special Populations Program

This supplement is for families with employed or student parents.  It is a “financial supplement.”  This means it is added to the regular parent payment.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • Your income is less than 275% of the Oregon median income.  This is currently $5,569 a month for a family of 4.  Click HERE for a chart showing the amount for different family sizes.  And,
  • Your child will be in child care while you are employed or attending a post-secondary education or training program.  Student eligibility may not always be available, please contact the program about the current status. For more information on student eligibility see Student Parent Handout .

Click here to find out more about the financial supplement:  Financial Supplement Information; in Spanish ICCP Suplemanterio Financial

Child care assistance through the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)

ICCP also works with families receiving child care assistance through the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS).

DHS has two rates for children with higher level needs.  One is the “special needs rate.”   The other is the “high need rate.”   The high need rate is for children with exceptionally high or complex care needs.   It is individualized for each child.  We do assessments to see if children are eligible for the DHS high need rate and how much the rate will be.   Here’s a link with more detail: DHS HN info for parents and providers; in Spanish HN Info for Parents & Providers in Spanish .

If you’d like to know more about the difference between the DHS “Special Needs Rate” and the DHS “High Need Rate” click this link:” DHS SN and HN Rates

The Oregon Department of Human Services website provides general information about the DHS child care assistance program, including eligibility and how to apply. Here’s a link to the DHS site: DHS Employment Related Day Care

How do I request help with my child’s costs of care?

The first step is to contact the Inclusive Child Care Program by phone or email.   We can answer questions from parents, child care providers and others.  If your family is eligible, or may be eligible in the near future, we will send an application by mail or email.

If your family is receiving DHS child care assistance, we will explain the High Need Rate and how to request a referral from DHS.

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